Friday, 1 April 2011

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This brief required us to make a comment on the future through the medium of typography. 'Rock, paper, scissors' was our chosen subject and our view of the future of this game was that it was going to become, like a lot of other things, virtual and 'computerised'.

The game as it is now has a very physical element and theoretically it has no limit to its scale and the amount of people that play. So if the game was played on a computer all imagination and creativity would be lost. We wanted to give the feeling of restriction within a screen and also repetition.

The layout was chosen to give the feeling of the game being scaled down and denied the ability to grow into something greater. I wanted the viewer to feel dissapointed with what they saw when they turned the page after the 3,2,1, as this is a very negative outlook on how we think the game may turn out.

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