Monday, 28 March 2011


A photograph using the philosophical idea of ‘Solipsism’ to comment on the idea of ‘house’. A theory which revolves around the idea of the singular mind existing all on its own and that everything around it, absolutely everything, is created by it.

My view of this theory is of it being very egotistical and a somewhat ignorant view on how we exist. So then I came up with an idea of taking a photograph of the said mind, only possible via some sort of physical representation, realising that this would in itself be and argument against the idea as a camera has to exist outside of the mind to take a picture of it. I then took a picture of the camera I had used to take the original photograph. This second image would then show a physical object, the first camera, housing and argument against the theory of solipsism. This argument being the undeveloped picture of the mind. The argument only being valid if the original picture remains undeveloped, as the idea of an argument against solipsism is possible but an actual one isn’t.

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